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 CD & DVD pressing plant
 Vinyl pressing plant

We assure comprehensive services.
Sound, image, standard and
special packaging. We make your
production perfect!.


You can trust us.
We have been producing records
for over 25 years now.
Our specialists will help
you choose the best solution.


Our asset is flexibility in meeting
customer’s requirements.
Your satisfaction is our priority.
We save our clients’ time and money.

GM Records Vinyl pressing plant

Your music, our vinyl.
We make your records perfect!

See how we manufacture our vinyl records:

We have all necessary licenses

Did you know, that you have to pay the appropriate license fees, in order to press DVD discs in accordance with the law? If you neglect this obligation, the licensor may address their claims to you.

Full legality guaranteed

GM Records regulates the payments for DVD manufacturing, which can
be confirmed by our presence on licensors’ websites. We have all the necessary agreements and licenses: TOSHIBA, MPEG LA, Philips One Red, DVD FLLC, DVD 6C. In the best interest of our clients, we provide a set
of links, where you can easily monitor current presence on the lists of entities paying licenses. Check your DVD manufacturer and distributor
for all legally required license agreements!

Production process

GM Records competitiveness is confirmed mainly by comprehensiveness of services provided to the customers. The records production process includes several stages and all of them may be carried out by GM Records.




Master (mother cd) preparation for further copying. Our own studio, specialized software, necessary for language versions, menu animation, or music background.



Music material copying. Software, processing the entrusted sound material, no matter which carrier it is recorded on.



Using master to prepare the matrix for further copying. Top class laboratory.



Copying records from the matrix. The machine park is based on German line Singulus – market leader in the branch.


Printing house

Record printout with use of Off-set and screen printing machines. Own DTP studio and printing house. GM Records was the first to use offset on its records. We use only environmentally friendly, UV – hardened  paints of leading manufacturers.


Quality Control

Comparing copes with master record – bit after bit. Verification of the records according to the norms. Performance control.


The records are packed in all kinds of packages, both, manually and automatically. Labeling, inserts, film application and many more. Special packages prepared for particular production.



Ready product provided to the customer on time.


Opinions of Customers and business partners

Read the opinions about our company.

  • We are glad to recommend GM RECORDS as a trustworthy and reliable business partner. Let us quote our Customer’s opinion as a confirmation: „I did not expect it to go so well."

    Krzysztof Rauhut
    Krzysztof RauhutK2 STUDIO
  • I recommend GM RECORDS as a reliable, trustworthy and fully professional for the tasks related to records replication. The entrusted works have been performed as required and met the assumed deadlines. We find GM RECORDS worth recommending for record replication.

    Łukasz Gawin
    Łukasz GawinTiako
  • What we find the most valuable GM Records advantage is its professional customer service and perfect product performance. We are truly satisfied of quality and punctuality of GM Records services and deliveries.

    Urszula Grzegórska
    Urszula GrzegórskaWSiP
  • Both the cooperation and the final result, that is the product itself, are of top quality! The comfort that accompanied the whole process can not be overestimated. Friendly atmosphere, constant and friendly contact and a feeling of "uniqueness" that accompanied our cooperation up to the final moment 🙂 Definitely worthy of recommendation! www.dajemyognia.pl

    KOLOROFONIArecord Podziemny kanał, co prowadzi na wolność

Our clients

Several Polish and world music have trusted us. We work for, i.a. individual customers, greatest phonographic companies, editorial houses, advertising agencies, movie producers and distributors, institutions, national and foreign enterprises.