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GM Records has its own machine park, based completely on German lines made by Singulus – a leader in these kind of appliances. The park assures supreme quality, efficient and productive records stamping.

  • Modern machines.
  • Rejects elimination scanners assembled on every end line.
  • Testers used for checking mechanical, physical, electronic and optical parameters, as well as compliance with Phillips parameters.

Our machine park consists of:

  • CD replicator,
  • DVD replicator,
  • Mini CD and Mini DVD replicators,
  • DVDplus plus replicator.

All replicators are equipped with moulds of Swiss company AWM.

Quality control

Our products and services supreme quality is guaranteed by precision of our latest technology devices for CD and DVD testing:

  • DVD Analyzer Replica 1X4X of Datarius with innovative Sony drive, enabling to test DVDs four times faster than any previous tester
  • DrSchenk – Prometeus used for CD and DVD substrate testing

Datarius, is one of the two companies in the world producing devices for CD and DVD optical parameters control.

Stamped carriers are verified and tested in different players and computer drives by our quality department.

All records which meet the above requirements, the only ones which may leave GM Records replication line, are compatible with all CD and DVD players worldwide.