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New product: Vinyl FLEXI discs!


Flexi discs and Flexi postcards are media carriers based on the same principle as a vinyl record. The material used for the production of Flexi disks is a PVC foil. The quality of sound is lower than for a standard vinyl record Their main disadvantage is a lower sound quality. It is necessary to be aware of the appearance of background noises, cracks or various echo effects that cannot be avoided.

They are mainly used for marketing purposes. Flexi discs are produced as one-sided, or two-sided media carriers made of a PVC foil. This is available in a number of colours. Among the most popular,  are colours such as transparent, blue, white, green or yellow. Foils are purchased in sheets of 200x 180 mm.  If a Flexi disk is sold separately it is cut to the final size of 180x180mm which corresponds to the 7” SP format.

Flexi discs foil colors

The foil can be also delivered with perforation (this comes on the longer side approx. 18mm from the edge of the foil). This perforation is used if the flexi disk should be bound in a magazine or similar.

A less common version are round Flexi Discs, these are die cut into shape after being hot foiled. We offer 8 basic colours of the PVC foil (yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, brown, grey) and two metallic colours (silver and gold).

8 basic colours of the PVC foil

All customers test pressings are manually listened to by a quality control employee.

Types of Flexi Discs:

  •  Flexi Disc 7×7
  •  Flexi Disc with perforation 7 x 8
  •  Flexi Disc round
  •  Picture Flexi Disc *

* The effect is reached by a full-surface print on the transparent PVC foil. The printing possibilities are from 1/0 to 4/0 CMYK. The print is always performed on the reverse side of the foil, picture having a mirror orientation. The printing is followed by the process of hot-foiling and pressing of the record, both from the front side.

Flexi disks are packed into the following types of sleeves:

  • No sleeve, only shrink-wrapped
  • PE sleeve with a sticker
  • Printed inner sleeves
  • Complicated packaging in a set with other products

The delivery time is up to four weeks.