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AUTHORING is a special material preparation process (material to be recorded on DVD Video, Video CD, or Blu-ray) for further production. Above all it is a process of joining video and sound streams. GM Records may process the material provided in all known sound carriers.

We work with system prepared especially for us by American corporation SONIC, a leader in DVD-Video authoring systems. At this stage also all security applications is applied.

We have our own studios, (including the only one Blueray authoring studio in Poland) equipped with specialized software for following purposes:

  • iconographic materials,
  • digital special effects,
  • multi-channel movie sound and soundtrack edition,
  • interactive menu (static or animation; titles and section markers),
  • graphic design being an integral part of the movie (menu layout, scene selection windows),


  • 8 tracks available.
  • Up to 32 tracks in many languages, preparation of one DVD for many countries.
  • Multi-camera shots – using video tracks from various camera simultaneously. Video tracks from many cameras are used and displayed parallely on the record.
  • For single- or double channel music movie tracks – we are able to make it sound like a true 5.1 spatial standard.

The material processing consists in adjusting material to the carrier’s size. This stage consists of the following:

  •  MPEG video compression (MPEG2 for DVD and MPEG1 for VCD).
  • Ultrasound multichannel – on client’s demand (mono or stereo transformer to 5.1).
  • Different sound formats compression (np. DD, DTS, DTS-ES, LPCM).
  • Graphic design (animation or static menu).
  • All components joined according to customer’s instructions.
  • Master preparation, according to DVD Video specification.

We make all efforts to make our product unique and beautiful, and our graphic design constitutes integral part of every processed movie.