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IMG_9692cFirst record production stage starts from preparation of a matrix used for further replication of the material which was first subject to authoring. Mastering department transfers the material to the precise matrix for CD and DVD replication. Considering gravity of this operation, GM Records provides its own top class laboratory for this purpose.

The laboratory technical condition meets the highest standards, and obtained cleanliness may be compared to microprocessors and pharmaceutical laboratories.

The matrix is made on a glass (glass disc) covered with photosensitive film and then treated with laser. Each glass-master is checked by laser-tester, for record compliance with general standards. If the recording process is faultless, glass-master is galvanized with nickel. The result is a high standard matrix used for CD and DVD production.


GM Records is one of few companies in the world which may be proud of its own DMS 8000 and DMS Evolution equipped with blue laser of Singulus Mastering, the best one in this field. The readout and data transferring from the readout and data transferring from the initial material is carried out with Eclipse software – the unquestionable leader of mastering software. Glass-master is chemically processed – galvanized with the latest technology equipment of Technotrans.

Replication master may be delivered by the client or prepared by GM Records.