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On-disc Printing

Our company has its own DTP studio and printing house. Machine park based on screen printing and offset technologies, all equipped with individual readout scanners for each kind of production, markers of CDs and DVDs. They identify the records from individual orders, to their final marking (printout). It eliminates errors and possible rejects.

We create our own coloristic patterns (certified digital proofs). Our devices calibration is checked on a daily basis. We use only environmentally friendly paints, UV-hardened, made by leading European manufacturers (Marabu, Ruco, Sericol and Sicpa).

We offer:

  • professional help in printing technology selection, regarding graphic design and expected final effect, we also advise in case on untypical solutions,
  • adjustment works of the optic carrier printout.

We offer following printout methods:

  • enriched, opaque or glossy paint (also selectively),
  • fluorescent and metallic paints (screen printing),
  • personalized (both offset and screen printing),
  • scented paints,
  • BRAILLE scripture.


It helps to obtain better quality and more precise graphic and pictures. It ensures better resolution and visibility. It provides perfect copies of images and even photographs. Offset printouts are offered for bigger volumes, which is not the only case, however. The technique helps to obtain quality higher than screen printing. It’s unique functionality consists in UV paint application in Pantone system.

Screen printing

Whenever a project is based on vivid colors, large surfaces of unified condensation (saturation), screen printing method is the most appropriate one for highlighting the colors intensity.

Screen printing technology is made for all order volumes. They are of the supreme quality, obtained thanks to our large line screens 133 lpi (standard one is 110 lpi). We are leaders in this technology. We apply triad colors in our printouts (CMYK). We also make them in Pantone system.

Digital print

Considering digital equipment higher capacity and fast printing preparation process, the technique is used for smaller records number (to 350 pcs), within shorter terms, for duplication method.

Digital printout technology is carried with UV paints in standard coloristic, white background + CMYK, reinforced with additional layer of paint.