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Confectioning of records and not only

GM Records packs the carriers in all kinds of available packages. We also perform special orders – offering original, unique packages for particular products. The Customers may choose their packages in any manner they wish (manual or automatic). What is impossible for packing machines is packed manually. It enables fast confectioning and short production terms.

Unlimited potential:

  • Confectioning machine park consists of highly efficient envelope and packing machines for all kinds CDs and DVDs packages.
  • In final confectioning stage we use automatic film coating machines
  • All confectioning machines are equipped with feeder of such additional items as leaflets, stickers and all kinds of polygraphic accessories.
  • Manual confectioning is our another asset, which enables to pack even the most personalized shapes of records.

We provide confectioning services also to FMCG companies, cosmetics – perfume and other industries.

We offer:

  • promotion, Holiday or special occasion kits,
  • labeling, coding, holograms, stickers, indexes,
  • sample, sachet, flier, gadget inserts with use of glue, gel, etc.,
  • deconfectioning (disassembly) of the products,
  • film coating of promotional, advertising materials, magazines with gadgets, brochures, books, toys or cosmetics in packages.