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Postcards with mini CD or mini DVD


Postcards with mini CD or mini DVD- perfect promotional tools. Impress your customers /viewers/ readers with our postcards, and use them as forms of promotion of your:

  • region, town
  • cultural institution
  • event, concert, festival
  • hotel, resort
  • tourist attraction
  • university, school
  • new investment

Postcards can also be attractive add-ons to your newspaper / magazine.

Your mini CD or mini DVD can include:

  • movies
  • multimedia Presentations
  • photos
  • virtual Maps
  • interactive guides
  • and much, much more – your imagination and the capacity of the media are the only limits.

Cards have the format of 210×105 mm. They take the form of postcards, and are ready to be sent. The mini disc is placed directly on a postcard on a plastic holder. Our postcards are visually very attractive: original, yet functional, so can be used for promotional purposes, and for sale.